• Bridge the divide between corporate data

    and Hadoop data with SAP HANA Vora™

    Reveal unprecedented business context by combining enterprise and Hadoop data using SAP HANA Vora. This in-memory query engine runs on the Apache Spark framework, and enables you to use the power of in-memory to analyze Big Data stored in Hadoop. Make more precise decisions through greater contextual awareness, democratize data access and help data scientists improve OLAP analysis, and simplify Big Data ownership in a landscape combining SAP HANA and Hadoop data.

  • SAP HANA Run Simple Customer eBook

    Find out how enterprises from every industry around the globe are using SAP HANA to achieve greater agility, increase capacity, find new revenue opportunities and gain predictive insight.

  • Rethink and Rebuild with SAP HANA

    Explore the revolutionary capabilities of SAP HANA and the quantum leap it has facilitated in terms of simplicity, flexibility, and speed as the foundation for new enterprise applications.

    The In-Memory Revolution will give you direct insights from co-authors Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert.

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  • SAP Ranked as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™:

    In-Memory Database Platforms, Q3 2015

    Forrester Research recognizes that “SAP’s razor-sharp focus on in-memory technology is paying off.” The SAP HANA Platform earned the highest score of any product for the strategy and current offering categories and a 5/5 score for vision, execution, market presence, customers, partners, transaction capabilities, performance and scale, analytics support and data management features. The report also describes the evolution of a new space within the broader data management Market – In-Memory Database Platforms.



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Uncover More Value

Transform long-running business calculations into real-time processes.

Enjoy Simplicity

Eliminate the divide between data transactions and analytics in a single, modern architecture.

Create Breakthroughs

Find the signals in your business that give you a competitive edge and help you innovate faster.

What is SAP HANA?

The Platform for Next-Generation Applications and Analytics

SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time.

How SAP HANA Enables Business of the Future

SAP HANA is the engine on which completely new applications can be based, able to crunch the growing masses of data that companies and institutions need to obtain real-time insight into their operations and stakeholders. In the book, The In-Memory Revolution, co-authored by Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert, you will read examples on both the business benefits and the technology of SAP HANA, addressing readers from both business and technological backgrounds.

SAP HANA technology changing the game?

Critical Technology Driving Business

By eliminating the divide between transactions and analytics, SAP HANA allows you to answer any business question anywhere in real time.

When you place predictive analytics, spatial processing and data virtualization on the same architecture, innovating with your big data is simplified and accelerated.

SAP HANA drives performance, expedites processes and truly revolutionizes business.

SAP HANA for Developers

SAP HANA gives developers the opportunity to quickly build impactful, highly-scalable applications that leverage the massive speed and scale of the SAP HANA platform.

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SAP HANA Partners

SAP has opened the door to partners, independent software vendors, and start-ups to bring in their own use cases and applications to run on SAP HANA, and offer them to customers through the SAP HANA App Center.

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