SAP HANA Features

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SAP HANA has a comprehensive feature set that allows you to simultaneously handle real-time transactions and analytic workloads with extreme speed. Explore SAP HANA features and understand how and why SAP HANA is so different.

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Database Services

SAP HANA is a full transactional, ACID compliant relational database, designed to cost-effectively run transactions and analytics on a single copy of data, with maximum performance.

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Processing Capabilities

SAP HANA’s in-memory processing capabilities – spatial, predictive, search, text analytics, and series data – and built-in predictive and business function libraries provide deeper insights at unprecedented speed, ideal for next-generation applications.

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Application Services

SAP HANA provides a fully featured web server, UI framework to build beautiful user interfaces accessible from any device, and development environment within the platform.

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Integration Services

SAP HANA integrates streaming data, Hadoop, and data from any data sources to enrich your applications, or to deliver in-depth analyses.

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Development Tools

The SAP HANA in-memory rapid application development environment allows you to choose between web and Eclipse-based tools.

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Administration & Security

SAP HANA includes easy-to-use, modern administration tools that make it easier for administrators to monitor system health and enforce security policies.

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Data Center Readiness

SAP HANA provides a selection of high availability features to meet your continuous availability and recovery goals.

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Data Compatibility and Openness

SAP HANA’s support for open development standards, growing number of certified tools, and an ecosystem of hardware partners lower the barriers to SAP HANA adoption, helping companies realize the vision of a real-time enterprise faster than ever before.

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