SAP HANA Technology

Explore the Power of SAP HANA

SAP HANA has a comprehensive feature set that allows you to simultaneously handle real-time transactions and analytic workloads with extreme speed. Explore SAP HANA features and understand how and why SAP HANA is so different.

SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory data platform that is deployable on-premise as an appliance, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of the two. SAP HANA is the ideal platform for performing advanced, real-time analytics while simultaneously handling real-time transaction workloads. SAP HANA is unique in its ability to converge database and application logic within the in-memory engine to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing.

We invite you to explore SAP HANA features and understand how and why SAP HANA is so different.


Data Center

Data center readiness is a core quality that enhances SAP HANA’s in-memory technology.

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Monitoring system health and providing network security are key tasks for an administrator. It’s all built in SAP HANA.

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Integration Services

Discover new data signals when all your sources are integrated into SAP HANA.

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Database Services and Persistence Management

SAP HANA is open and flexible to serve your needs regarding the integration of SAP HANA in the data center.

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In-Memory Application Services

SAP HANA provides a fully featured application server, web server and development environment within the appliance itself.

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Processing Engine

SAP HANA’s In-Memory Processing Engine, consisting of the relational, text and calculation engines, provides unprecedented Big Data speed and power.

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Development Services

SAP HANA supports rapid application development and reuse of code within its In-Memory Application Programming Environment.

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Data Compatibility and Openness

SAP is lowering the barriers to SAP HANA adoption and helping companies realize the vision of a real-time enterprise faster than ever before.

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Advanced Analytics

SAP HANA Advanced Analytics solutions embed smart agile analytics into decision processes to deliver business impact

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Introducing SAP HANA SPS09

Breakthrough new functionalities in SPS09 reaffirm SAP HANA as the platform for all applications.

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