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Our partners bring their own use cases and applications to run on SAP HANA, lowering barriers to adoption and accelerating companies' journeys to become more real-time enterprises.

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Whether you build, sell or implement our solutions, get the strength and resources of one of the most successful global software brands behind you. • Access our powerful solutions: applications, analytics, database and technology, mobile and cloud. • Extend software across on-premise installations, on-demand deployments and mobile devices. • Seize growth opportunities and create significant value for your company and customers. • Win more customers and additional revenue for your existing business.

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Delivering Innovation with the SAP Partner Ecosystem

Partnership Opportunities

Hardware Partners

Given that SAP HANA requires next generation architecture servers and the demand for HANA is growing by leaps and bounds, there is an immense opportunity for hardware manufacturers to partner with SAP and sell HANA certified hardware.

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Value Added Resellers

As our partner, you can get more involved directly with customers on transformational experiences such as data migration projects and enhancements to their analytics. There are tens of thousands of customers looking to migrate to a more efficient and effective platform.

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Implementation Partners

As a consulting service provider there are ample advantages for getting your database and analytics migration practice proficient on HANA technology. As an SAP HANA Implementation Partner, opportunities await you.

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Software Solution Providers

SAP HANA offers a dramatically consolidated landscape to help you build concise and compact applications that are more efficient and perform at a level that would otherwise require an extraordinary investment by the customer.

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Hosting Partners

SAP and cloud providers are working aggressively to provide customers with the lowest total cost of ownership experience for their applications powered by SAP HANA. Hosting partners are rapidly achieving certification for their SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solutions to give companies multiple choices in next-generation mission-critical cloud infrastructures.

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SAP Startup Focus

If you're a startup with a Big Data, predictive or real-time analytics solution, you're just what we're looking for.

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