• Prescient: Keeping
    Travelers Safe with

    PrescientTraveler relies on their decades of expertise in high-stakes intelligent operations, irregular warfare, and threat analysis to keep international travelers safe. Find out how they have been able to effectively digitally transform the traveler safety paradigm with SAP HANA.

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  • SAP TechEd On Video: The customer use case review

    Customers who are willing to go on video always make an impression – double so when they come onto our unscripted set. Here’s the themes from this year’s batch of SAP TechEd customer shoots.

    Blog by Jon Reed

  • Run Simple with

    SAP HANA Customer Successes

    Find out how enterprises from every industry around the globe are using SAP HANA to increase agility, do more and grow their current resources, identify new opportunities – while acting today and predicting tomorrow.


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Find inspiration to re-imagine your business with SAP HANA

Companies of all sizes and industries around the world are using the power of SAP HANA platform to transform their business and create new value. Explore their success stories and find inspiration.

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Curious how your business can benefit from SAP HANA? Let our customers show you why SAP HANA is the future of business.

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Listen to authentic and unscripted interviews with the real people who are leading-edge adopters of SAP HANA.

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SAP HANA Innovation Award

The SAP HANA Innovation Award is designed to honour customers who have found innovative ways to use SAP HANA to drive business value.  View the winning submission.

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SAP HANA Customer Spotlight

Companies throughout the SAP ecosystem are feeling the amazing business impact of SAP HANA. Hear from these companies directly in a special Webcast series dedicated to their successes.

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