SAP HANA platform

The Platform for a
Digital Enterprise

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software solutions in the cloud and on-premise. Our innovations enable more than 293,500 customers worldwide to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively. SAP HANA is the breakthrough in-memory platform for real-time digital enterprise, with 7,200+ customers.  

Claims Vs  Facts

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SAP Ranked as a Leader in The
Forrester Wave™: In-Memory
Database Platforms, Q3 2015

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100s of
SAP HANA customer

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SAP BW-EML Benchmark: Oracle Vs HANA – White paper

Learn the truth about Oracle's claims on SAP BW-EML benchmark results. Learn more


Top Ten Questions for Choosing In-Memory Database

Know the ten questions you should ask to understand how the SAP HANA data management and application platform compares with available disk-based databases with added in-memory features. Learn more


What Oracle won’t tell you about SAP HANA (Part 2)

Significant enhancements have been made in the SAP HANA platform. See analysis by John Appleby on how SAP HANA compares to Oracle In-Memory database. Learn more


SAP Ranked as Leader in the Forrester Wave: In-Memory Data Platforms 2015

See how SAP HANA stacks up against other In-Memory databases. Access the Forrester report to learn more. Learn more


SAP HANA Best Practices for High Availability and Disaster Recovery - Gartner 

Get the facts on SAP HANA high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. Learn from the independent analysts about the SAP HANA core capabilities for HA/DR to run mission-critical applications. Learn more


Introduction to High Availability for SAP HANA

SAP HANA provides a comprehensive Fault and Disaster Recovery solution, and High Availability for Business Continuity. This paper explains the terminology and concepts of High Availability, and provides a comprehensive overview of the different High Availability design options available today for SAP HANA, in support of fault and disaster recovery. Learn more


SAP HANA - High Availability FAQ

This document is a companion to the Introduction to High Availability for SAP HANA ( and answers some frequently asked questions around SAP HANA High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. Learn more


Facts: SAP HANA Vs Oracle

SAP wants you to know the REAL FACTS on the two offerings, so we have added an “SAP HANA Truth” column; in order to rectify the claims that Oracle is making about SAP HANA. Learn more

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S/4HANA Flipbook

Drive digital transformation with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity. See how, building on over 40 years of innovation, SAP S/4 HANA delivers massive simplifications, to drive instant value across lines of business and industries; on premise and in the cloud. Learn more

S/4HANA Roadmap 

Learn about planned innovations and future directions for some of SAP’s key products; including SAP Simple Finance and LoB Supply Chain for S/4HANA. Learn more


Learn answers to frequently asked questions about SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation business suite from SAP. Learn more

S/4HANA Journey Map

Run simple in the digital economy with SAP S/4HANA, the next generation business suite. Discover the 5 simple steps to drive quick time-to-value with this adoption journey map designed for existing SAP Business Suite customers and new customers. Learn more

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SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA

SAP Leader in Forrester EDW Wave

The in-memory database market is new but growing fast as more enterprise architecture professionals see in-memory as a way to address their top data management challenges; especially to support low-latency access to critical data, and for transactional or analytical workloads. This report details how well each vendor fulfills Forrester’s criteria and where the vendors stand in relation to each other in their ability to meet next-generation real-time data requirements.

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In-Memory Data Fabric Architecture

This document offers a clear explanation for how an in-memory data fabric architecture can help your company perform at its best by simplifying data management

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Dynamic Tiering

This video explains how SAP HANA dynamic tiering allows customers to cost effectively, scale, simplify and manage their data according to the data’s value.

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Near-line Storage for SAP Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA

Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP Business Warehouse with the SAP HANA platform. Archive and access massive data volumes cost effectively with SAP IQ as a smart near-line store to achieve the perfect balance of cost and performance.

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Why is SAP in the Cloud? 

According to Rob Glickman, SAP Vice President, LoB and GTM Marketing, the cloud breeds innovation. In this blog post he explains how SAP provides the business process know-how and technology for customers like you to exploit the cloud for true competitive advantage. Learn more

Back to Basics: Understanding SAP's Cloud Offerings

In this blog post, SAP’s SVP & GM, Platform As A Service, Prakash Darji, explains the difference between various software models: traditional on premise, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) using a pizza ordering analogy. Learn more

A Closer Look at SAP HANA Cloud Solutions

Learn how SAP customers of all sizes are enjoying the advantages of the cloud. Innovation, simplified delivery and instant time to market are some of the opportunities to be realized. Learn more

Extending SuccessFactors on the HANA Cloud Platform – a SuccessConnect gut check

Jon Reed of Diginomica poses the question, “Is SAP all-in on the HONA cloud platform?” to James Sinclair of Enterprise Jungle, and Mike Ettling SAP’s President, HR Line of Business. Learn more

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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud 

Learn more about SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Deployment models; explore use cases by category; and tap into the HANA community. Access the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Deployment website, and try HANA now.

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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: Flipbook

This Flipbook highlights the power and dependability (from the standpoint of safety and security, customer service, and managed services) of SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud; as well as how it fits in to a broader cloud strategy.

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Whitepaper: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud - Bringing the Revolution to Your Organization

Cloud computing has moved beyond ‘evolution’ and has become a ‘revolution’. The cloud allows organizations the ability to take giant steps. Understand the benefits and realities of cloud investment. Learn more


IDC InfoBrief: The Cloud-Centric Organization

This study by IDC illustrates the state of maturity of cloud computing in business.  Learn more


Take Your Enterprise to the Cloud

How SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Allows You to Explore the Cloud and Big Data Analytics. Learn more

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Schaidt Innovations


Analytics leadership and market research

Analyst (including Gartner, Forrester Research, Ventana Research, Nucleus Research, and BARC) show how SAP has been positioned as a leader business in intelligence and analytics. Learn more


Data driven storytelling with SAP Lumira

Access the SAP Lumira website to learn how businesses visualize and make sense of their data. Learn more


SAP ranked #1 in Dresner Advisory Services Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study

This Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study by Dresner Advisor Services, provides a wealth of information and analysis—offering value to both consumers and producers of Business Intelligence technology and services. Consumers use the study to understand how their peers leverage and invest in business intelligence and related technologies. Learn more


BI strategy assessment

The Business Intelligence Strategy Assessment can help you discover and prioritize business challenges across your organization. Learn more


Nine time leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites

For the ninth consecutive year, SAP is again positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites (April 2015).We believe SAP is a consistent leader in this market and continue to strengthen our Leader position based on Completeness of Vision. Learn more

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Enterprise Information Management

Leader Across the Board

SAP solutions for EIM ranked by respected industry analysts as leader in every major category: MDM, Data Quality, Data Integration, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Architecture. Learn more


Leader in Enterprise Data Virtualization

See why SAP is positioned as a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015.” Forrester evaluates SAP HANA smart data access, as well as SAP Information Steward and SAP data services. Learn more


Only SAP offers native data integration capabilities within in-memory platform.

The native integration capability of SAP HANA smart data integration is architected for on premise, cloud or hybrid deployments, and supports all styles of data delivery including batch, real-time, and replication. Learn more


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Big Data

SAP HANA and Big Data Ecosystem

For enterprises that have the right tools for extracting new useful signals from the overwhelming influx of digital noise, Big Data presents extraordinary opportunities to revolutionize how the world works, plays, and lives. From stepping up the game in major league sports and ultrapersonalizing the shopping experience to reducing carbon emissions and improving cancer treatment, organizations are using Big Data to achieve what they once only imagined was possible. Learn more


IDC Big Data Global Research

In this survey conducted by IDC, and sponsored by SAP and Intel, discovers how organizations are successfully using Big Data and analytics. The survey evaluated the relevance of Big Data and analytics to business transformation and was used to identify best practices from the most mature organizations. Learn more


SAP Makes Big Data Real (SAP Big Data solutions eBook)

With SAP solutions, you can achieve tangible results for your top business priorities by accelerating how you acquire, analyze, and act on insights and applying those insights continuously through your people and processes. SAP’s end-to-end offering – from the SAP HANA platform and Data Science organization to Big Data-enabled applications and analytic tools – makes Big Data real. Learn more


Combining SAP Real-Time Platform with Hortonworks Data Platform

SAP Real-Time Data Platform in combination with Hortonworks Data Platform delivers an IT architecture for analyzing massive data sets in real time. This paper outlines three reference architectures as well as best practices to ease implementation.

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Cloud (SaaS) Applications

10 Ways to Simplify Your Accounting and Financial Closing

SAP offers trusted solutions to supercharge your accounting and c. Learn more


Finance Portfolio Overview - Achieving Financial Excellence

New innovative technologies and solutions from SAP deliver greater value by enabling better business insight to maintain financial excellence. Make better business decisions with SAP HANA by handling large volumes of granular data and performing in-memory analysis. In addition to on-premise implementations, deploy business processes quickly and flexibly in the cloud. Learn more


What the Analysts are say about SAP EPM solutions

This presentation summarizes SAP rankings, by Analyst firms: Ventana Research, Gartner, Forrester Research, and Ovum. Learn more


Forrester Research sponsored report: The total economic impact of SAP Jam

SAP Jam is a cloud-based social software platform that transforms the way people work, by bringing together people, data, and decision making capabilities when and where people need them. This Forrester Research report provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of SAP Jam on their organizations. Learn more


White paper: 6 ways social collaboration (SAP Jam ) makes IT more strategic

Enterprise social collaboration technology (such as SAP Jam) is emerging as one of the most powerful ways to connect people, information and data. This white paper reviews six ways social collaboration makes IT more strategic. Learn more


Video: SAP Jam + SAP Cloud for customer: Boost Sales productivity

This short video shows you how to accelerate sales cycles by collaborating effectively with your sales team, internal experts, customers, and partners — all in the context of your accounts and opportunities with built-in integration to SAP Jam for enterprise social collaboration. Watch the video


Video: SAP Jam for HR & learning management

SAP Jam helps you connect the dots so you can rapidly recruit and onboard, train and develop top talent, and engage employees and streamline processes. This short animated video shows you how. Watch the video


Video: SAP Jam for sales teams

Watch this short animated video to see how SAP Jam can help your sales team: sell as a team, find just-in-time experts and information, and deeply connect with your customer - to keep your deals moving in the right direction and help you increase sales. Watch the video

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