SAP HANA platform

Analytics &
Data Processing

Gain new insights to run your business smarter and faster.

Leverage SAP HANA in-memory, advanced data processing capabilities to build more intelligent applications that provide insights across all your data – structured or unstructured - at unprecedented speed. 

Text Analytics and Search

Gain faster, broader insight from text.

Harness the value of all your business data.  With SAP HANA, you can perform text analysis, text mining and text search to unlock new insights from unstructured documents.  And when you  process both structured and unstructured data in one platform with SAP HANA, you gain broader, contextual insight to improve decision-making.

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Learn about text analysis

Use file filtering to analyze text in unstructured documents.  When text is processed, SAP HANA applies linguistic markup to give structure to core entities (such as people, organizations, or dates) discovered in the text. It also classifies relationships among entities for sentiment analysis.

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Learn about text mining

Make semantic determinations about the overall content of documents relative to other documents.  Use text mining functions to build a text repository, identify key terms or categorize documents.  


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Learn about text search

Perform full-text or fuzzy search much like you would when searching on the Internet to discover key information.  Use a full-text index to pre-process text linguistically, using techniques such as normalization, tokenization, word stemming, and part-of-speech tagging. 

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Spatial Data Processing

Uncover new insight from spatial data.

Leverage location-aware data to look at your business through a new lens. With SAP HANA, you can store, process, manipulate, and share spatial data directly in the in-memory database.

With unified modeling, you can enrich business data with geographical information to answer a new set of business questions in real-time.

You can also create a new class of spatially-enabled applications using native geo-content and mapping services in SAP HANA.  Additionally, you can distill lots of data on a visually intuitive map for your business users, enabling them to uncover actionable insight.

► Gain an overview

Learn how the SAP HANA platform delivers a native spatial processing engine, content and services – enabling you to get new location-based intelligence.

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► Analyze spatial data

Discover how you can use SAP HANA to build next-generation applications that leverage spatial data in real-time for new insights on maps.

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Predictive Analytics and Processing

Anticipate business outcomes.

Predict future outcomes with greater accuracy by harnessing the power of Big Data. With the ability to analyze any type of data and seamlessly integrate with Hadoop, R and SAS, SAP HANA in-database predictive analytics allow you to establish optimization best practices and reduce decision latency across your entire business.

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► Discover Why SAP is a Leader

Read what leading industry analyst firms say about predictive analytics, and discover why analyst reports have positioned SAP as a leader in predictive and advanced analytics.

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► Use predictive analytics libraries (PAL)

Forecast future outcomes. Leverage predictive analytics libraries (PAL) in SAP HANA to perform data mining and statistical calculations on large data sets within real-time applications.

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► Automate Your Predictive Analytics 

Prepare, build and deploy models within minutes – and gain unprecedented insight into your customers, business, and markets. Make the entire predicting modeling faster and easier with SAP Predictive Analytics. 

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► Leverage R programming

Get statistical answers using SAP HANA to process R code as part of an overall query.  With R integration, you can leverage the open source programming language for statistical computing and graphics.

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Series Data Processing

Detect and forecast trends in data

Measure data over time to discover trends that can save you time and money. With SAP HANA series data processing, you can efficiently process large volumes of series data in conjunction with business data to assess business impact. Whether you are monitoring price fluctuations, season patterns, machine efficiency, energy consumption, or network flow, the ability to monitor data over time enables you to discover and exploit patterns to your competitive advantage.

► Learn more

Analyze data over time to discover patterns and trends. Learn how you can work with series data in SAP HANA.

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Streaming Data Processing

Extract real-time insight.

Gain insight from event streams. With help from SAP HANA smart data streaming you can capture, analyze, and act on the continuous flow of new information that streams into your business, identify emerging threats and opportunities as they happen, and respond immediately. SAP HANA smart data streaming is a highly scalable processing engine in the SAP HANA platform that enables you to capture and process streams of events from many sources in real time. The data is continuously compared and correlated to data in the SAP HANA database, so your business can detect anomalies in real time and act accordingly.

► React in real-time

Use SAP HANA smart data streaming to analyze streaming data and continuously correlate it with business data in

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► Learn about data streaming 

View the SAP HANA smart data streaming playlist from the SAP HANA Academy to choose the free tutorials that are right for you.

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► Join SAP Developer Center

Discover how you can incorporate smart stream capture and active event monitoring, alerting and event-driven response into SAP HANA applications.

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Dynamically uncover valuable insight from interconnected data to transform business

Unlock new possibilities by exploring the relationships among people, places, and things. SAP HANA graph data processing capability implements a property graph data model and allows you to model and analyze the complex reality of highly connected data, using the familiar SQL language. You gain access to intuitive modeling and visualization tools to easily create and navigate graphs, uncover patterns and understand relationships. Additionally, leveraging prebuilt, native graph algorithms you can easily build innovative applications that open new opportunities for your business. And because graph data processing is part of the SAP HANA platform, your data is always secure and available.